80th Anniversary of Collins Radio Special Event Stats

Hi all, I’m happy to report that W6CXX held its own with the “big dogs” in the special event.

According to information received by Jeff N0DY from Bob Lee in Cedar Rapids, the total QSO count for all stations was 3196 with 45 countries and 49 states represented.

Club Station QSO stats:

N0CXX 1017

W0CXX 883

W5ROK 474

W4CRC 411

W6CXX 411

We did very well considering we could not hear all the stations calling us due to local noise level. (Jeff and I have been trying to fix that). We actually tied with Melbourne (where they have a large log periodic antenna!).

Thanks for your participation in the special event and especially for the antenna maintenance party which made it possible here in Tustin.

73, Paul KB7V